Our Story

Síoda, pronounced “shee-oh-da” is Gaelic for Silk.

Só, pronounced "so" is Gaelic for Luxury.

Síoda Só is only beginning, I will continue to cultivate and create from my heart, bringing you beautiful silk products that I hope will bring love, beauty and enjoyment into your life.

Síoda Só was curated for those driven and inspired by aesthetics.

I believe aesthetics have the ability to enrich our lives. I aim to grow my boutique collection to deliver beautiful silk products every season that will fill your life, home and soul with illustrious shine, just like my silk.

The Síoda Só pyjamas collection hails from Hangzhou and is created by the most experienced silk hand-crafters to ensure optimal quality. Once a starting point of the silk Road, Hangzhou continues to hold the title of the world centre for silk production and traditional methods.
Centuries of experience are evident in the beautiful draping and illustrious shine of each of our silk products, and we hope you'll love it as much as we do.

Our flowers are created in the Netherlands by passionate and experienced florists.
The delicate silk flowers are a dutch design original which has been subjected to the strictest quality control and is handcrafted of the best silk, you are assured of fresh and stunning floral arrangements for life.